Cat shot in face near Lifford

Thankfully Tamara, as she has been named, is recovering well from her injuries.

Animals In Need added that no only was the shooting an act of deliberate cruelty, it was a crime.

“We understand that not everyone likes cats but that is no excuse to harm them, whether that be by shooting them, poisoning them or any other means. We recently heard a whole colony of feral cats we’d neutered in Ballintra has been wiped out through poisoning.”

The laying of poisoned bait is illegal and anyone breaking this law faces a fine of up to €5,000 or a year in prison or both.

Meanwhile, it is hoped that Tamara’s run of bad luck is finally over.

Her fosterer at the Animals In Need cattery revealed, “She is now safe and will be getting lots of TLC while she recovers. Despite everything, she is a sweet little girl and once she is better, she will be found a nice, safe home where she will get the love she deserves and will never be abandoned again.”