7 Reasons why you should sleep on your left side

We all know that a good night’s sleep is important to our health and energy. We have to sleep well in order to meet our needs during the day, as well as to perform well whether in school or at work. However, our posture or sleeping position also helps us a lot. Many times we have been going back to bed trying to get the best position to sleep, it should be noted that there is a posture not only favorite but also recommended by studies.

If sleeping on your stomach is your favorite position, it is not recommended, as it makes it difficult for us to breathe, among other things. Experts indicate that sleeping in a lateral position is the right one for a better rest as well as for the organism, it gives us relaxation when waking up and it will help us to maintain a better performance during the day. It is scientifically approved that a change in sleeping position can improve the systematic health of people, so this position brings us several benefits.