7 Japanese anti-aging secrets to look young even after your 50s

How to look 20 when you’re 40: the secrets of the youth of Japanese women that everyone needs to know

Today, Japan ranks second in terms of life expectancy: on average, the Japanese live 83.5 years, giving way to Hong Kong (84 years). Surprisingly, at the end of the 19th century, this figure was much smaller – the Japanese lived no more than 40-50 years. Modern residents of the Land of the Rising Sun live much longer and look great at the same time, and stories about the forever young and surprisingly slim Japanese women will last forever!

How do Japanese women manage to look at 20 when they are 40? Firstly, Japan has a high standard of living. Secondly, Japanese women love themselves. And finally, Japanese girls sacredly observe three rules: they eat only healthy food, regularly go in for sports and competently look after their appearance. In our article, 7 secrets of beauty of Japanese women, which are worth taking note.